Iffat Rahim Clarifies Her Appeal To Chief Justice

Iffat Rahim, one of the most popular models of yesteryears had made a video recently where she had spoken about a lot of current topics, but emphasis was on her appeal for justice. She mentions how a TV channel had assasinated her character and drove her to verge of suicide and left her paranoid enough that she could not face her own family members. Her reason for appeal was the confidence Chief Justice’s personal inquiry into the Zainab murder case and his focus on investigating every side of the story including Shahid Masood’s.

Her video was mentioned and discussed by Rauf Klasara in his talk show. He also could not understand clearly her side of the story but speculated that she will be writing about it to the Chief Justice in detail.

Iffat then made another shorter video thanking Rauf Klasara for raising her issues and clarifying that her reason for tvOS video is not to seek cheap publicity but to make sure that her sufferings are accounted for and the offenders punished. Since she mentions being attached by a powerful media group, she wants them to be held accountable for trying to ruin her reputation.


Mehwish Mansoor