Iftikhar Thakur’s Secret Religious Campaign Revealed

Iftikhar Thakur has been in the industry for decades now. He has impressed the audience with his comic timing and acting that moves everyone when he wants to. He is a very knowledgable and intellectual person and his philanthropic efforts are not hidden either. He was a guest on Hafiz Ahmed’s podcast where he revealed some very unknown facets of his life.

Iftikhar Thakur's Secret Religious Campaign Revealed

He shared how he moved towards Islam and how he has taught and given dars about Islam to all the stage artists who have worked with him. This is something that he has done for over 15 years now and it has saved him from getting destroyed. Sharing about this unknown facet of his life, he said that he felt like a hypocrite that on one side he is giving dars in the iddle of intervals in a thatre and on the other hand, he is related to an industry that may not be acceptable by the religion.

Iftikhar Thakur's Secret Religious Campaign Revealed

He then asked Maulana Jamshed about his feelings and Maulana said that no profession is good or bad, people are good or bad and one should try to live purely even in a gutter. That is when he became more serious about his path. This is what went down:

He also revealed how he was able to be a part of the journey where hundreds of people read the Quran for the first time. There were women in showbiz who got married and started pardah and never went back to their old lives.

Iftikhar Thakur's Secret Religious Campaign Revealed

Here is the remarkable magnitude of people whom he was able to influence:

He also revealed the miracle he saw as he once travelled to Madinah without a ticket. He had a visa and he used to go to Madinah nearly once a month. Once he was not able to get on a flight but miraculously, the pilot there knew him, arranged for his visit and he went to Madinah easily while sitting in the cockpit.

Iftikhar Thakur's Secret Religious Campaign Revealed

Listen to the miraculous story:

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