Iman Ali Makes Fun Of Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Iman Ali is a super stunning and talented television and film actor. Iman Ali started career as a fashion model. She ruled tha fashion industry for more than a decade. Iman Ali came into showbiz in her early teens. Fans adore Iman Ali and wants to see her in television and film projects. Iman Ali is famous for doing a selective work. People love Iman Ali’s honesty and her bold replies.

Iman Ali Makes Fun Of Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar

Recently, she appeared in The Talk Talk Show in which she revealed a lot of unknown facts about the film Punjab Nahi Jaungi. She also talked about Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar’s writing. While talking about the films she rejected, Iman Ali said, “The last script I rejected was Punjab Nahi Jaungi. It was a big movie and by the way, initially, Punjab Nahi Jaungi was a play and then I suggested them to make it a film but then I left it”. While giving the reason behind leaving the film, Iman Ali said, “I left Punjab Nahi Jaungi because the female lead’s character was flawed because our writer who wrote the film didn’t know the mindset of a Karachi girl who came from all the way from abroad, Amal’s character was flawed one, well, it was hugely flawed, he could have written Mr Khagga instead of Khagga Sahab, Why would a girl, coming from UK or somewhere would say ‘Khagga Sahab?’, I left the movie three days before the shootings”. Have a look at the video link:


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