Indians React to Project Ghazi!

Project Ghazi’s trailer has taken Pakistan by storm and has all of us eagerly waiting for it’s release date, after all this is Pakistan’s first superhero movie! We are pleased to inform you that the amazing trailer has not only impressed us, Pakistani, but Indians too!

Recently,Mayank, a famous Indian youtuber who reacts on different movie trailers, decided to react on Project Ghazi’s trailer after receiving a lot of request by his followers to give it a try.

And so he did:

As you can see he loved it. Making a list of the top 30 films that Mayank has reviewed so far, he says that he would put Actor In Law on number three, Waar on number two and Project Ghazi takes the lead by being on number one. He also praised the graphics and the technology used in the film by saying that no way does it look like a film produced by Lollywood, rather it looks like a Hollywood action-superhero film..

Arsala Khalid