Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

When Mere Pass Tum Ho started, some of the viewers were quite sure that it was going to be a predictable play. The main plot of the cheating wife who gets attracted to a richer man was certainly not new. Therefore, the predictions of the viewers were in line with all such dramas which had already aired on television. As the story progressed, the viewers gradually got one surprise after the other. All their predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho were proven wrong with shocking twists and turns.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar’s scripts are never easy to predict, he likes to shock his viewers. Just when the viewers thought they had Mere Pass Tum Ho’s twists and turns all figured out, they witnessed scenarios which they never imagined were possible. Danish giving in to his wife’s wishes and letting her go with Shehwar was one such scenario. Another scenario was the change in Mehwish’s attitude. The way she literally planned her escape while she lived with her husband and then left her child for months was not expected. Similarly, Mateen sahib’s death and everything attached to it were new scenarios too. The recent slap was another unexpected development.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Although Mere Pass Tum Ho on the whole has been unpredictable but whoever has watched Khalil-ur-Rehman’s plays and has been watching all the interviews of the cast member can make a few guesses. There are a lot of interesting things which will surely be happening in the upcoming weeks.

Here are few interesting predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho.

Who will be murdered?

Humayun Saeed hinted in one of his interviews that there is going to be a murder in the drama. Also, Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar very often kills his characters in the most shocking way. Two of his main characters died after consuming poison in Bunty I Love You, Pyare Afzal’s hero was killed in the end and recently in Mohabbat Tumse Nafrat Hei too there was a tragic death in the end with the heroine committing suicide.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

So, it does not come as a surprise that in this drama too someone will be killed and this time around it is going to be a murder. Now, the question is who is that going to be? Will it be Anoushey, Mehwish’s friend? Well, that is highly unlikely because she was after all a side character and Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar does not kill side character since it just does not have that impact! Our guess is that it would be Shehwar since killing Danish will be completely wrong and in a way too predictable. Who will kill Shehwar? Could it be his own wife after she finds out what he has been up to or one of the rivals? It can certainly not be Danish.

Who was the woman Mateen Sb Betrayed?

Our prediction is that Mehwish’s mother was the woman Mateen sahib cheated on. That has to be a reason why Mehwish’s family has been completely out of the picture. Mere Pass Tum Ho’s writer has a surprise in store and this could be the big reveal. There is definitely some connection there. In our opinion Mateen sb’s story hasn’t ended yet. That diary his daughter Hania was talking about will reveal more secrets as the story progresses. We are also wondering if it’s possible that she is still alive and Marina Khan will be playing that character.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Where is Anoushey

Mehwish’s friend Anoushey has been out of the picture. Many people are asking why she is not there any more. The reason could be that she knows secrets about Shehwar which for now should not be revealed. She will be back once Mehwish needs to know those secrets.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Shehwar’s wife will change everything

Once Shehwar’s wife is back, Shehwar will leave Mehwish. That will hit Mehwish hard since she left her husband for Shehwar but he will not be willing to lose his wife for her. This will happen after the business starts going downhill further.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Mehwish will go back to Danish

At some point, Mehwish will go back to Danish and there will also be a time when the viewers will feel that he might consider taking her back. Will it be after Shehwar’s murder? or because Shehwar’s wife comes back? We are also waiting to find that out.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

Will Hania and Danish get married?

We think they won’t get married. This story is essentially about Danish and Mehwish, Hania’s character will probably be the driving force in Danish’s life but she will not be his wife at any point.

Interesting Predictions about Mere Pass Tum Ho

What do you think is going to happen next in Mere Pass Tum Ho? What do you want should happen? Who do you think is going to get murdered? Do share your views and opinions.


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  • I really enjoyed reading it!!
    1)It’s not possible that mateen sahab’s ex wife is alive..because in his last meeting with danish..he said that he talked with her wife..and she said”mene tumhe maaf kiya…(if I’m not wrong)
    2) this is most likely that she might be mehwish’s mother…wait in that case..are mehwish and hania sisters??
    3) mehwish ko toh wapis aana hi hai …but danish won’t accept, that is sure and we don’t even want.
    4) hania could be her wife…because rumi is so attached with her..but again krq(sad ending)…we never know.
    5) I think u r perfectly correct in anushey’s prediction…
    6) shahwar’s wife is definitely going to make a turning point in the story.

    • Not true. He only gave her one divorce and not “triple divorce” so they can remarry without her needing to do hallala

      • Achoo husband and wife can get back together in case of less than three talaq (two or one) only before the period of iddat ends (4 months 10 days). Aap sumjhein k agr 3 talaqein nhi di gaii hain tou husband wife k pass 4 months 10 days tk time hota hai to sort out their issues. Laikin if this period passes and the couple doesnt try to get back together within that period tou talaq aik hui ho ya do, there is NO going back without halala.
        Mehwish jaisi aurat 4 months mein tou sudhray gi nhi

  • I think Humayun Saeed said “murder ” just to throw us off track. I think a lot of time will pass, Danish will eventually be successful, Shahwar will leave Mehwish because his wife will be back. Mehwish will regret her decisions and will try to reconnect with Rumi but he will refuse. She will be left alone and sorry. As far as a death is concerned I think it will be Danish after several years, when Rumi is all grown up, he will die of sorrow and grief he endured all these yrs.

  • As long as we are on MPTH, the child playing Rumi is super cute. In fact a lot of the child stars are adorable- Shahzain’s brother in Ehd e Wafa, young Ahad Raza in Ye dil mera, and even the kid in bewafa. The only exception is Pehlaaj, sorry but this will probably offend a lot of people but constantly being in the industry n in front of the media for all these yrs has taken away his innocence. His “acting ” in Alif really feels like acting.

  • I think the person who will purchase Danish’s flat will be murdered. Coz shehwar ko nahi pata k flat sold ho gaya hoga

  • My opinion that at the end danish will died that make the drama at the end …surely mahwish has to come back to Danish but might she ll be late…
    Yes bcz of shahwar wife ..mahwish realise her value

    • When krq is writing something, death can be expected like sadqe tumhare,pyare afzal,mtsnh…let’s hope for happy ending.

    • The killing of children in these dramas is so not needed. That’s too much for me. Plus so far, I feel that all this drama is teaching us is that a woman should never divorce, find another man who loves her and then expect to still be with her child. It’s all designed to scare women to become subservient to their husbands. Gosh if all men were like Danish, I think there would be less divorces in the real world…

  • I think mehwish will kill shehwar
    Because shehwar leave mehwish after coming his wife he is unfaithfull for mehwish

  • May be shahwar khud mehvish ka murder krde ya krwa de…q k shahwar ki wife k anay k bd mehvish shahwar ko Blackmail bhi kr skti hai for marriage…

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