Iqrar ul Hassan Criticizes Gharida Farooqi

In a shocking turn of events, the self proclaimed ‘social activist’ Gharida Farooqi was found to be keeping a 15  year old housemaid unlawfully  under her custody. The news blew up the internet and Gharida received a lot of heat because of it. Iqrar-ul-Hassan, the host of “Sar-e-Aam” and her fellow journalist had a few words to say about it too.


He believes the time for our legal authorities to take a strong stand against child labor has come. The house workers also should be given the rights they are entitled to.

Iqrar was quick to confirm the authenticity of the clip:


The audio has been authenticated through a special software system.

Speaking about the two-faces of the host of ‘G for Gharida’ he said,

The telephonic conversions show a totally different story of Gharida; opposite of what we usually see on television screen.


Sonia was rescued from Gharida’s residence after her father filed a report against the journalist. The local police was quick to take action after the huge storm that the leaked clip created on social as well as our local media.