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Is compromising on your image & dignity worth it?

Aiman and Manal Khan; we all know them as happy-go-lucky, peppy, bright and ‘innocent’ ‘teenagers’ who made a name in the industry in such a short span of time that too at such a young age. Both the sisters grabbed the attention of the viewers with their phenomenal acting as supporting actors in a lot of popular dramas. The main reason why people fell in love with Aiman and Manal Khan was because of their simplicity and rawness, which is rarely seen in the celebrities associated with the showbiz. What made people appreciate both these sisters was the fact that they remained down-to-earth and ‘simple’ despite getting so much of recognition in the industry at such a young age.

Recently, a couple of photo-shoots have circulated on the social media in which Aiman and Manal Khan have gone through a complete personality makeover, which is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons. It looks like Aiman and Manal are trying to send a message to their fans and the people associated with the showbiz, that they are not the same ‘simple’ twins anymore for which people fell in love with them initially and they are ready to explore more options. Starting from their styling to their makeup to their poses to their clothing, everything is wrong and questionable in these photo-shoots and they have forced their fans to think what has gone wrong with these sisters? Unfortunately, these photographs of Aiman and Manal seem to have confused people about the image that they are trying to portray because it looks like they are ready to put the past to rest and are now emerging as ‘glam dolls’ of the industry.

Aiman and Manal should know that they have a fan-base of young impressionable girls and it is their duty to let their teenager fans know that anyone can be a part of the industry while still being simple and decent. It is unfortunate to see Aiman and Manal in such a light where they are ‘confidently’ compromising on their image to form a new one, which most certainly doesn’t seem respectful and decent.