Ishq Murshid vs Jaan-e-Jahan – Most Viewed Pakistani Dramas

The year 2024 opened with a wave of fresh dramas with promising and unique themes. However, yet again the viewers preferred watching stories revolving around love triangles. Dramas like Ishq Murshid and Jaan-e-Jahan emerged as the undeniable favorites, even though the critics did not pass them with flying colors! Both these dramas are not the same but, some similarities say a great deal about the kind of content the viewers prefer watching.

After the massive success of dramas such as Tere Bin and Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha in 2023, it isn’t surprising that the producers continue to invest in projects that might not be the best content-wise but they attract the public because of other reasons. While those producers who experiment fail to garner ratings and mass public approval, love stories get the producers the ratings, as well as, the approval.

The Appealing Factors

Ishq Murshid and Jaan-e-Jahan both are essentially love stories with some degree of newness about them for which these dramas deserve credit. The characterizations are not typical in any way particularly because the leading ladies in both these dramas truly take the lead and have a strong personality. The male protagonists have their own set of challenges in both these dramas but at the same time both of them could have easily been the saviors yet the writers decided not to take that road.

Ishq Murshid vs Jaan-e-Jahan – Most Viewed Pakistani Dramas


The most appealing factor in both these dramas for the fans has to be the main leads. Bilal Abbas Khan and Durr-e-Fishan’s on-screen chemistry and their on-screen couple are the main reasons why viewers are drawn into the world of Ishq Murshid. While Durr-e-Fishan’s performance has failed to impress the critics, Ishq Murshid fans beg to differ. The visuals also contribute to the appeal. Durr-e-Fishan looks beautiful in every scene and Bilal Abbas makes the most of his expressive eyes. These reasons might come across as shallow to some but clearly, they are working for the majority of the viewers.

Ishq Murshid vs Jaan-e-Jahan – Most Viewed Pakistani Dramas

Jaan-e-Jahan marked the comeback of Hamza Ali Abbas who is one of the most popular Pakistani actors. This was also the comeback of Ayeza Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s on-screen couple after they won the hearts of the viewers in Pyare Afzal. It would be safe to say that this on-screen couple, just like that of Ishq Murshid, is the most appealing factor for many. Jaan-e-Jahan fans also find Shehram’s character likable because of his vulnerabilities. While the critics think that Shehram’s character is not written convincingly, the fans are content watching a male protagonist who is not like others often shown in Pakistani dramas.

Ishq Murshid vs Jaan-e-Jahan – Most Viewed Pakistani Dramas

In a recent interview, Hamza Ali Abbasi also pointed out that Jaan-e-Jahan’s male leads are unlike others in Pakistani dramas. He urged people to watch dramas with such male leads because such characters are positive. Ayeza Khan also pointed out how Jaan-e-Jahan’s female lead Mahnoor was playing the role that male leads usually play in Pakistani dramas. Mahnoor has ‘rescued’ Shehram more than once and he relies on her more emotionally than Mahnoor does on him.

Just like Ishq Murshid, Jaan-e-Jahan’s visual appeal also adds to its appeal. The cinematography and visuals in Jaan-e-Jahan are so mesmerizing and stunning that they elevate the viewing experience to a cinematic level of excellence. Also, the fact that Jaan-e-Jahan aired twice a week till now added to its viewership.

The Scripts & Execution

The scripts and even the execution of both these dramas leave a lot to be desired. Ishq Murshid promises to captivate its audience with its fantasy elements. Even if it’s meant to be a fantasy, the story has some noticeable issues and a long list of execution failures. Even when watched without much thought, Ishq Murshid’s script and execution make viewers question many aspects. The success of Ishq Murshid clearly shows that content is not the king! Well, at least not for the majority of drama-watching audiences. Even with all its plot holes and execution failures, the fans take the drama very seriously!

Jaan-e-Jahan had a strong and fast-paced beginning. As the story progressed, there were innumerable details that did not live up to the hype. The characterizations occasionally fall short of leaving a lasting impression. At times, the portrayal of characters lacks depth and makes the script a little too flat. While the director nailed the visual element of the drama, certain other elements in terms of execution could have been far better. From the beginning, the emotional quotient of Jaan-e-Jahan’s script outweighed the logical element.

The Fan Following

Fans of Ishq Murshid and Jaan-e-Jahan share a common fervor: an unwavering adoration for these dramas. No matter how much critics criticize the obvious flaws and weaknesses, their perspective remains unchanged. Significant numbers of viewers have been able to watch these stories through the lens of the creators. This kind of fan following proves that despite any technical flaws, when a story resonates deeply with viewers, it has the power to captivate their hearts and minds.

Undoubtedly, the selection of actors plays a pivotal role in the immense success of these dramas. The shortcomings within the storyline are often forgiven or overlooked by the loyal fan base of the lead actors in particular. Their established fan followings contribute to the popularity of the dramas, as audiences eagerly tune in to see their favorite actors.

OSTs – an Important Factor

Ishq Murshid’s OST has contributed to its popularity. The OST sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb went viral and drew more attention to the drama. The director also made use of this popularity by including this OST in the episodes more than ever. Just like the drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha, Ishq Murshid’s OST has contributed to its fanbase.

Ishq Murshid vs Jaan-e-Jahan – Most Viewed Pakistani Dramas

While Jaan-e-Jahan’s OST is equally romantic and filmy, it did not garner as much popularity as that of Ishq Murshid’s. However, the fans like the way this OST has been included as a background score to add emotional value to different scenes.

The Verdict

Ishq Murshid and Jaan-e-Jahan’s massive viewership proves there will always be room for visually pleasing love stories in Pakistani entertainment. The substantial viewership and heightened public attention that these dramas got give a profound insight into the inclinations and preferences of the audience. These ratings show societal tastes, indicating a widespread appetite for love triangles. On the other hand, dramas such as Khushbo Mein Base Khat, Standup Girl, and others do not get the same ratings. Only a select few individuals prefer watching artsy dramas, despite their often limited commercial appeal, even when these dramas are notably superior in writing and execution. That is the reason why dramas based on thought-provoking themes, and sophisticated storytelling techniques are a novelty on Pakistani channels.

As long as there is demand for formulaic plots, we will see more dramas like Jaan-e-Jahan and Ishq Murshid on TV.


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