“It was a dream come true to work with actors I have grown up admiring,” says Shermeen Ali

The newbie Shermeen Ali is currently seen in some very popular dramas Sanam, Dil Banjara and Sange Mar Mar. She has been going some promising characters lately and there are all praises for her. She was also seen in film Jeevan Hathi along with Naseerudin Shah and Hina Dilpazer.

In a conversation with HIP, Shermeen gave an insight into her personal and professional life, when asked if being an actor was what She always wanted to do.

“Honestly, It wasn’t planned , in fact, I never even thought that I had the potential to become an actor. Throughout my life so far, I have always been a shy person with a really small social circle. Although my two elder sisters have been associated with the media industry, I never saw myself as a part of it. Even my mother thought this profession wasn’t for me,” revealed Shermeen.

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She further added, ” When Umar Sayeed’s brother Mohsin Sayeed suggested that I audition for this Indo-Pak venture Jeewan Haathi I didn’t think I could do that. They needed a tall girl and they thought I was best suited for the role. There weren’t many lines, but that is where it all really started. Being a part of a venture along stars like Naseeruddin Shah and Hina Dilpazeer has been an amazing experience that not many get at their launch.”

Shermeen is the face we keep seeing on our television screens every now and then in Sang e Mar Mar , Sanam and Dil Banjara. So we asked the talented diva which one’s the closest to her heart.

Not really wanting a pick a favourite she replied, ” They’re all close to my heart and each one makes me feel every lucky. But if I HAD to pick one, it would be Sang e Mar Mar, it was a dream come true to work with actors I have grow up admiring, the location was perfect and it felt like one big family”

We asked her about her upcoming ventures and if she would be doing more movies in the future.

“There’s a lot in the pipeline, and as for movies, I will but I have certain reservations. Movies are a lot more complicated than dramas and a lot of things have to be taken into consideration. I will only do a movie when I truly feel comfortable with the script. ITEM NUMBERS are a straight no for me, in fact, I don’t think that our movies even need them. They are not a part of our culture,” she stated.

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Sharmeen added that she would love to do movies like Dobara Phir Se where she can display her acting potential without compromising on her culture and values. She would love to do movies that one can go watch with the entire family.

“Believe in yourself and know that persistence in the key. Nothing is unachievable and everything is possible. Keep dreaming because that is only how you know that you are truly alive,” said Shermeen as she signed off.

Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt