It’s not impossible to have our own individual style, says Abbas Ali Khan

Abbas Ali Khan thinks that we need to stop getting influenced from Bollywood.

He told Something Haute at the trailer launch of Chalay Thay Saath:

“It’s not impossible to have our own individual style.”

Abbas has created the musical score for CTS and it sounds like he has done a great job.

“I wanted the music to sound Pakistani so we made sure to use instruments that are used in Pakistan. For example, since the film has been shot in Hunza, we used instruments such as the rubab. We have also incorporated traditional Chinese instruments specially made in China, as some of the film is shot in China. What’s interesting is that the raag of Pakistan’s mountainous regions is very similar to the raag used in China. It’s beautiful how the two sounds came together.”

It seems like Abbas put  lot of planning in order to come up with a great musical score.

“Nowadays film music sounds too similar to Bollywood music. I love Bollywood and I regularly watch their films, but we need to get out from under their shadow and create something that’s ours.”

“Mooroo is a perfect example of original Pakistani pop music. He has a unique sound; his music doesn’t sound like Bollywood or Hollywood or anything else we’ve heard lately.”

Abbas also talked about ‘Chitta Chola’, the song he worked on for Patari Tabeer:

“When I first heard the song, I started working on the music using traditional instruments like the tabla and the dholak. But that was creating a sound that has been done to death now. So I decided to go down a completely different route. That’s why the music is very electronic and it falls under dream pop, a new music genre. I’m really thankful to Patari that they trusted me and gave me a chance to experiment.”