Jami’s next film is on the 1992 World Cup

Jami, the man behind the Pakistani movie Moor has a new film coming up. He revealed some details to Something Haute:

“It’s on the 1992 world cup. The nation doesn’t know that we were the champions.  I’ll be announcing the details in a month. We’ve even found our Imran Khan but I will not tell you who that is right now.”

While talking about what are people saying currently about Pakistani films, he said:

“All I’ll say about our films is that business is good. Pakistani films have made money. That is very good. People take it wrong that somehow I’m against blockbuster films. My point is that films that focus on content should also come forward. If they aren’t ‘hit’ by commercial standards, then please don’t sideline them. Let us make Shawshank Redemption, let us make King’s Speech also. Look, even India is learning. They’re getting into Queen, they’re getting into female oriented films. Dangal is the biggest film in India, ever, and it’s about two girls. Why can’t we understand this? Why does everyone argue with me ‘yaar tumhara problem kya hai?’ You’re selling your women and making money off them! Of course I have a problem with it! That is wrong. What is so difficult to understand?”

It seems like that Jami has some strong ideas when it comes to the content of the film and we can’t wait to see what he brings us next.