Jashame Ramazaan(جشن رمضان) on Dunya Tv

Jashame Ramazaan(جشن رمضان) is the Ramazaan special transmission of Dunya News hosted by renown media personality Aneeq Ahmed. While majority of channels are coming up with grand, colorful and glamorous arrangements in comparison Jashame Ramazaan(جشن رمضان) is a bit old fashioned comprising of only conversation with religious scholars. Viewers can participate in the show only by calls and can also win prizes but their is no live participation.

It is the second consecutive year Aneeq Ahmed is doing this transmission on Dunya Tv. It will be interesting to see in this age of commercialism whether transmission like Jashame Ramazaan(جشن رمضان) proves successful or not especially when a dozen of colorful alternatives are available on other channels.



Rashid Nazir Ali

Rashid Nazir Ali