Javeria Saud Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

Javeria Saud is a famous Pakistani actress and host. She is one of those celebrities who have started their own Youtube channel. In her previous videos, she gave a complete tour of her luxurious home.

Javeria Saud Reveals Weight Loss SecretsIn her recent video on Youtube, she shared weight loss secrets. She shared how one can lose weight with Pakistani food.

Javeria Saud Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

Javeria shared, “All of us like variety in breakfast. Earlier I used to eat anything in breakfast for like 3-4 months but now I like change. Weight loss helps you look smarter and it is also good for your health. Today I am going to talk about calories. A person must intake 1200-1300 calories per day but the problem here is with women who are sitting at home and they don’t know how to count calories. A piece of good news is for everyone that there is an app in which you can count calories its name is ‘MyFitnessPal’.”

Javeria Saud Reveals Weight Loss SecretsFurthermore, she shared how one can lose weight with Pakistani food, “I am going to tell you how you can make diet food with the ingredients present at your home. I take eggs in breakfast because when I wake up in the morning my blood pressure is usually down. So today I will make boiled eggs with curry. The ingredients I use are; two full boiled eggs, tomatoes, onions, coriander, garlic, red chili, and salt. You can use oil or desi ghee as per your choice. Prepare desi ghee at home because its full of energy. The total calories of this food are 148. Put desi ghee in a frying pan, add garlic, tomatoes, onion, red chili and salt (as per your choice), add chili sauce, green chilies and coriander. Add eggs in curry and breakfast is ready.”

Javeria Saud Reveals Weight Loss Secrets

Javeria also takes a drink at breakfast. She takes apple milkshake and shared the recipe, “Add half glass of skimmed milk, one tablespoon of honey, add apple and your shake is ready. The whole calories of this breakfast are 280 and it is perfect for whoever is doing the diet.”

Here’s the complete video of Javeria in which she is sharing her diet routine:



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