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‘Kamlee Da Dhola’ by Hadiqa Kiani will speak to your soul



The voice behind Dupatta and Buhe Bariyan never fails to disappoint. We recently told you that Hadiqa Kiani is coming up with her new album called “Wajd” which is being released on Patari.

The talented singer has already launched ‘Chapter 1’ named “Kamlee Da Dhola” on Patari.

You can listen to the song here.

Kamlee De Dhola is a classic number which has already been sung by legendary voices like Reshma Ji and Musarrat Nazir.

It is safe to say that Hadiqa has done justice to the Saraiki folk song and the 9 minutes sound like a folk treat.

There are spiritual feelings attached to the song which Hadiqa showcases pretty well with her voice and vocals.

This song is in the Indo-Aryan language of Saraiki and we love how the instruments have been played.

It will definitely leave you in a state of trance.

Kamlee Da Dhola has Steve George on the Turkish Lavta, Ustad Baqir Abbas on flute, Imran Ali and Irfan Kiani on the Harmonium, Asif Ali Goga on Dholak and Irfan, Sharafat, Sakhawat and Imran as the backing vocalists. Irfan Kiani has also produced, mixed and recorded Kamlee Da Dhola in a single take live studio format.

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