Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Calls Adnan Malik A “Hijra”

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar has been making a lot of waves with one controversy related to him after another. First he makes misogynist remarks on a TV show, then he refuses to apologize and now, the writer has taken a complete turn and referred to one of the actors in the industry as a “hijra”, transgender.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Calls Adnan Malik A "Hijra"

In a video posted by Galaxy Lollywood, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar is seen making remarks with absolutely no logic at all. The veteran writer states,” The industry has been flooded by an army of transgenders, not that I’m against them.”

He then goes out to state that he makes sure the actors in his dramas aren’t transgenders but he too made a mistake by casting one in his own role as Khalil in Sadqay Tumharay.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Calls Adnan Malik A "Hijra"

Now, it should be noted that it was Adnan Malik who played the role of Khalil in Sadqay Tumharay, a story which Khalil ur Rehman Qamar penned down and states to be his own.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Calls Adnan Malik A "Hijra"

Sadqay Tumharay starred Adnan Malik in the lead alongside Mahira Khan in a story of love and loss.

Khalil ur Rehman Qamar Calls Adnan Malik A "Hijra"

Adnan Malik is yet to comment on the issue, but to be honest, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, as veteran as a writer that he is, has been making some weird remarks recently. Only God knows what he’ll come up with next.

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  • Told you guys he is half crazy and nobody listened. Everyone was taking his side and sending me thumbs down.

  • what an absolute idiot, let me just say how disgusting are his remarks and how disgusting, the audience is laughing. Hijras don’t have a choice about their sexuality they are born that way. But he has a choice about what he says, nasty person and disrespectful remarks, very below the belt.

  • Kudos to Khalil sb. Mr. Adnan Malik is the one what Khalil sb said. Thumbs up to Khalil sb. He represents our society and culture while Adnan Malik type of people follows western culture and an average actor at best.

    • I can not believe you. looks like you were born in Stone Age and by some miracle survived all these years. Even if you follow muslim culture Khallil or Khalil sahib as you call him is not sane. Wake up and smell the coffee. How come you are not getting thumbs down ?

      • You can not reason with such people. These fanatics believe their word is divine and anyone who tries to argue against them is a devil-worshiper

    • I know 98% ppl like u on social media, n remember son its not a normal rate in sharing, Khalil ur Rehman is representing the ugly face of ur culture n society. How ulgy is that I can clearly explain u tht too.. But in itself that is ugly and shamlfull.

  • He’s ridiculous! And should be banned from all platforms ! Itni ghatiya soch hai is aadmi ki ke hadh ha how his own family lives with him .

  • Its nothing but cheap publicity. Why can’t the society ignore such mean mindset, stop inviting these intolerant illiterates on channels.

  • Khalil sab ki personality bht achi hai. logo ne unhay majboor kiya un logo ko aisay he samaj aaye gi.

  • It’s very understood to believe the common Pakistani mentality of treating sick to Women and Transgenders, but a playwriter creating a celebration for such inferior standard first for woman n then for Transgenders is, like, unbelievably anticipated. Disgusted more with Khalil ur Rehman now.

  • It’s disgusting!! It’s not acceptable. He doesn’t have the right to call someone hijra.

  • I think this man is completely mad and seriously need metal asylum. He should ban from each and every plat form

  • this man needs a reality check, narrow minded, lacks common sense or decency and he has a platform to say these horrible things im really ashamed

  • KRQ and fridious Jamal are very regressive mind sets of ptv era ,when there were only one tv station. This was the only reason they got attention ! Both have regressive mind sets about women! In their sixties ,dyed black hair ,faces only a mother would look at, attacks young artists who are far superior to them,in being respectful to others ! Transgenders, gays ,whatever, have been around the beginning of time ,are also God created ! Tolerance,is much needed in the world !

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