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Khumariyaan is an instrumental band from Peshawar and everyone needs to listen to them

Khumariyaan is an instrumental band which hails from Peshawar. The music and tunes consist of their native tunes which represent and highlight their rich Pushtoon culture.

Since they are an instrumental band, their aim is to break the tradition of the South Asian vocal based musical culture. The 4 band members bring forward their musical magic with instruments like the guitar, rubab and the native Pushto instrument called the Zeer Baghali.

Their music will give you all the right feels, it is soulful as well revolutionary. And as the band’s aim is to  “entice musical ‘goose bumps’ “, we agree that they do an amazing job in getting that done.

Hence, today, we bring you 3 of their most favorite tracks to you.



Game of Thrones- Cover