Khumariyaan to perform in UK

Khumariyaan is an instrumental band from Peshawar and their tones are reflective of their rich cultural music.

The band recorded their debut album and even toured the US and are now all set to participate in Southbank’s Centre’s Alchemy Festival in UK.

“We are going as an instrumental Pakhtun folk rock band as well as cultural ambassadors to present our music at the amazing cultural clash in London,” Khumariyaan told The Express Tribune in an email interview.
The band consists of Sparlay Rawail on lead guitars, Aamir Shafique on rhythm guitars, Farhan Bogra on Rabab and Shiraz Hassan on percussions has a large audience abroad.
“Our sound cloud page has over 10000 followers  and every week there are about 100000 plays of our tracks, of all these, more than half are from international audiences including the UK, US and Europe,” said Khumariyaan.
“We enjoy being considered an indigenous act as well as a world music band. The ultimate aim is to keep our sound true to our style and be categorised in both, the world music genre as well as a band that performs ethnic music.”
Khumariyaan revealed their plans for the UK debut:
“The aim is to keep things simple because it is our debut in the country and we want to stay true to our sound as much as possible, having said that, a couple more tracks that we think would really compliment an international set will be added. It will be a mix of both, after all experimentation and evolution is always happening and that is how we make our music.”
“It’s a festival we have attended since its very first year, and because we’ve seen it grow, we feel a strong affinity with it. We can’t wait to bring a bit of Peshawar to London!”

More power to Khumariyaan for making Pakistan proud abroad!