Kinza Hashmi Talks About Her Experience Of Living Alone

A young and talented Kinza Hashmi is a Pakistani actress and model. Her acting in Ishq Tamasha earned her a lot of love and appreciation from the audience. People started to demand her more on the television screen for her innocent looks and amazing acting. 


The charming Kinza Hashmi shared her first acting experience on the Good morning Pakistan with Nida Yasir. She started her career at a very young age of 17. She told Nida that she was a mama’s girl throughout her life. She can’t stay away from her mother even for a minute, therefore, she felt scared when she first came to Karachi. She used to put a chair after locking the doors. But then, after some days, she got comfortable and all her fear vanished away. 


Kinza was interested in singing. She even took a one-month practice class but couldn’t do it. She went for a ramp show where a producer asked her to give an acting audition. She told the producer that she doesn’t remember the lines so she simply read the script. Even after a bad audition she still got selected for her debut drama opposite to Samina Peerzada. Kinza didn’t know her co-stars before therefore she was very relaxed and chill while working with them. 


That’s Kinza Hashmi’s story of how she became a part of the television industry. What do you guys think about her? Tell us in the comments section below. 


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