Komal Aziz Khan’s Reason For Leaving Acting

Komal Aziz Khan is an actress who came, saw and conquered. She has been a very talented starlet who worked in many dramas and she got noticed at the very start of her career. She was getting offered good scripts and she was working with the biggest stars before she took a break and she has not been actively working on the screens since.

Komal Aziz Khan's Reason For Leaving Acting

She was a guest on Ayaz Samoo’s show and she spoke about why she has stopped acting in dramas. She said that she runs her own clothing brand and she wanted to focus on growing it more. She therefore decided to take a break from acting but as her brand kept on growing, the break got extended and she has not worked in dramas for sometime now.

Komal Aziz Khan's Reason For Leaving Acting

Here is what she said:

She also spoke about how there are certain actors that she will never work with again. Komal Aziz Khan did not name any names but said that she is a sensitive soul and she cannot work with someone who is not punctual or back bite or create drama on the sets. She just cannot take it on a set.

Komal Aziz Khan's Reason For Leaving Acting

This is what she said:

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