Latest Clicks of Couple Actors Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain in Miami USA

Yasir and Iqra are madly in love with each other. They have been vacationing in the USA. Iqra shared a fresh picture of the couple striking a pose in Miami. The couple looks relaxed and in love as they stroll around the city in their casual wear. 

The two really have been making the most of their vacation. Earlier, they had shared pictures from Walt Disney World in Orlando. 

Iqra and Yasir are all set to share the screen for their upcoming drama Jhooti, for which the duo is currently shooting. After their public proposal, this is the first time the couple will be working on a project together. 

Check out the latest clicks of the couple enjoying their vacation in Miami. 

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  • First people were so angry when they saw this couple’s engagement and kissing on TV. Now everyone seems ok with an unmarried couple having a vacation together and showing a very very clear PDA. Such double standards. They are openly following and promoting foreign culture which was and in certain circles still is unacceptable in our country. This is what they are teaching our new generation. Sad and disappointing.

  • Well my onky objection is that they must not wash there filth on tv else they could do what ever they want because from the class they belong switch gfs wives parties bla bla so its nit a big deal for them.

    Lekin bas tv ko zayada ganda mat karo bcox inko dekh k baki bhi shuru ho jaingay apni gfs ko le k

  • Worst couple ever seen in history of Pakistan who have done everything before marriage as it look like they r at honeymoon trip instead of vacations. Promoting foreign culture as time spending before marriage is their culture. Muslims look nice in modesty but if they keep it aside their Iman left their soul and like jungle man they could do anything as theyhave no lslamic values code of conduct and moral and ethical sense to discriminate between right and wrong. It also look like they r doing this all nonsense to keep them in lime lights of media and social networks. Sasti shurat Kai bhookay

  • Bravo to the couple for standing steadfast in face of such idiots, who’ve nothing better to do than pointing fingers at what others are doing in their lives. Live and let live! ❤✌

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