LMM did not attract a large audience this time despite musicians being there

Lahore Music Meet is the place to be at for music lovers in Lahore.There were panel discussions and live performances at the meet. Entry was free, and for any music lover this should be more than enough.

It was very surprising that this year, LMM saw a very low turn-out.

The evenings were full of half-filled halls and the public preferred to listen to live music rather than hear musicians talk.

It was also strange that no celebrity musician could be seen walking around outside in the lawn area where those attending could go up to them and have a little conversation.

As soon as the sessions were over, the artists were literally rushed back behind the stage by the organisers.

The media was not allowed backstage and there were some attendants who felt insulted by the way they were physically kept back from approaching any artist on stage for a little talk after the sessions.

Patari’s Tabeer project singers — Lyari Underground members, Abid Brohi and Nazar Gill — were the only ones seen outside openly talking to people, while the rest were not to be seen.

It may have been due to  the security situation after a series of bomb blasts in the country that had created such a setting at the LMM this year.