Mahira Khan On Star Iftaar With Sarmad Khoosat (Eid Special)

Finally! Mahira, you should know how much we were looking forward to this episode ;) I really liked Sarmad Khoosat’s intro where he called this episode special, which it was, and you could see how excited he was to welcome Mahira to the show. There’s no denying that Sarmad brings out the best in Mahira. Mahira looked beautiful in this episode, and I loved her dress.

This was quite a mazedaar concluding episode. Mahira didn’t talk much about her work or upcoming projects, but what I did get to know about Mahira is that she is a huge fan of Madhuri Dixit ;), her day is incomplete without eating anda in any shape or form, and that she loves her Nani kay ghar ka chukandar gosht ;) Mahira’s shout-out to her father was very sweet and emotional.

Sarmad Khoosat prepared Strawberry Cheesecake in this episode. While I enjoyed this episode, I feel it could (and should) have been longer than the usual episodes because this was an Eid special, and also because Mahira was the most awaited guest. Although I enjoyed Mahira and Sarmad’s light and casual chit chat, the focus of the episode was the cheesecake so unfortunately for me, the  episode wasn’t worth the wait.


Over all, this was a great show because, well, Sarmad Khoosat. I mean, this guy doesn’t cease to wow me. He is brilliant at everything he does, but this hasn’t gone to his head – he is so simple and humble. He made a terrific host because being a significant part of the industry, he was friends with all the guests and knew them in person. Although I have never had the pleasure to meet Sarmad Khoosat, I feel that an aura of positivity pervades him. I loved, loved his Urdu and I cannot stress this point enough because considering our TV shows these days, it’s kind of a big deal. It is evident that a lot of hard-work went into this show. The picture quality was top-notch, which definitely enhanced the viewing experience a great deal. I loved the kitchen and I also really liked how they decorated it for the last episode. The whole team deserves to be applauded for their dedication. This was a simple and decent show to watch and discuss, so a shout-out to the entire team! :)


Also, I feel I should mention that the admins of the official Facebook pages of Urdu1 and Star Iftaar are very efficient and they do a great job at keeping their pages active. All the pictures that I posted were from these pages, so a shout-out to them, too! :)



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