Mahira Khan Shares What She Likes In A Man

Mahira Khan is the epitome of grace and beauty who has impressed the audience by her superb work in films and dramas.

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She got married to Ali Askari in 2017 but later they parted their ways.

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Mahira Khan revealed that she is in love with someone and he is not someone from the industry.

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The Raees actress considers him a huge blessing in her life.

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She also said that God blessed her with Salim in exchange for something good she must have done.

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In a recent live interview with Asim Raza and Nazia Ejaz, Mahira Khan talked about many important things.

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Asim Raza asked her, “What does Mahira look in a man? What impresses her? What excites her? What does she find attractive in a guy for Mahira Khan?”

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Mahira Khan replied, “What I like and what I found as I have grown older is that I have found myself in the last few years is getting attracted or liking a man who has this quiet thing you know like someone understanding who is okay with himself like just at peace with himself.”

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“I usually found someone good who is comfortable in their own skin and I really like that with anybody it’s not just a man. I like that and I think it’s a very attractive quality,” Khan added.

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Watch this clip of Mahira Khan:


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