Mahira Khan Supports Release Of Zindgai Tamasha

A talented filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat is receiving threatening phone calls and messages to stop the release of his upcoming film Zindagi Tamasha. Earlier, he wrote a letter to higher authorities to take action against the unknown groups.

Mahira Khan Supports Release Of Zindgai Tamasha

Sarmad Khoosat again took to Twitter to write an open letter in which he has mentioned all the obstacles he is facing in the release of his film. This time he is addressing the Pakistani nation and asking about their advice on whether he should release his movie or not?

Many celebrities supported him one of them is Mahira Khan. She came out in support of Sarmad Khoosat. She expressed solidarity with Khoosat and wrote, “Time and again we are made to realise our power and our influence. A film ( that people haven’t seen) can make some this scared. Mushkil ko bata ke tera Allah kitna bara hai.

Zindagi Tamasha highlights dark realities of our society. This film is ready to address some tough issues of life. Hope we get to see the masterpiece by Sarmad Khoosat.


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    • How do you know it’s mocking Islam????? Have you seen the movie. The trailer looks amazing. Islam is perfect humans are not.

  • I have heard this movie is about qadiani religion, basically they want to showcase them as Muslims, that they are not!

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