Mahira Khan Talks About Her Parents

The gorgeous as ever Mahira Khan adresses about her parents in a recent interview.  She expressed her affection and gratitude towards her dad for being an astonishing and caring father to her. 

She also opened up how even her friends always loved her dad because he would make breakfast for her and friends whenever they came over for sleepover regardless of what the time is. 

Futher she also told how strict her mother was as compared to her father. She would make her study while she could see her brother and cousins play outside from the window. Whenever she used to refuse from listening to her mother’s instructions, her mother would threaten to burn her favorite yellow outfit. This shows Mahira’s mother is no different from our desi typical moms.

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My mother used to recite/sing this poem to us as kids all the time ( she still does, and several different ones at that). For as long as I can remember sometimes she'd wake us up with it.. she'd say it while walking around the house during my exams, very recently while I was lost in thought I could hear her recite it loudly.. Writing a few lines that I remember from it.Lucky to have known the most amazing, brave and kind women in my life.. here's to all of you 💪🏼 Uth baandh kamar, kya darta hai? Phir dekh khuda kya Karta hai. Yeh duniya aakhir faani hai, Aur jaan bhi ek din jaani hai.. Par tujhko kya hairaani hai? Kar daal jo dil mein thaani hai. Jab himmat ki jolani hai, toh pathar bhi phir paani hai.. Uth baandh kamar.. kya darta hai? P.S Thank god my Ama or Nani aren't on Instagram, would have killed me for posting this picture.. #womensday

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It seems like Mahira shares a beautiful bond of love with her parents. May this bond of love never fades!


Sara Imran