Mahira Khan’s Confusing Statements Criticized By Twitter Users

Mahira Khan is a phenomenal Pakistani television and film actress and she’s regarded as a superstar in Pakistan. Fans love her adorable personality and her excellent acting skills, fans adore her presence in films and dramas. Her recent drama “Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay” earned a lot of public and critical acclaim. The actress is making her come back on silver screen (after Covid 19 halt) with her film Quaid E Azam Zindabad.

Currently, Mahira Khan and Fahad Mustafa are doing a lot of promotional shows with different YouTubers and hosts. Her one of the recent podcasts is making headlines because of an unusual reason. The podcast that’s making headlines, is with Mooroo, in which Mahira and Fahad Mustafa are discussing about senior actors. While talking about them Mahira gave example of Nauman Ijaz and praised his acting skills but unfortunately she could not knit her words well. She didn’t even complete a single sentence, and kept on giving confusing statements, however, her praise for Nauman Ijaz and his characterization could easily be assumed after listening to her. She was praising Nauman Ijaz.

Twitter users, after seeing and hearing the clip, started to come up with their displeasure and criticism comments, fans said that Mahira Khan’s interviews are hard to understand as she never utters a complete sentence in one go, many fans posted laughing emojis under her post and wrote, “what do you even want to say”, one fan said, “One of the most difficult interview of her I had to sit through… Girl can’t put her thoughts together in to words.” Another Twitter user said, “Mahira never completes a sentence. She never makes sense yet it’s good listening her speak.”

Here are the exact words which she spoke, “And again age…Nauman Ijaz is I remember he is,he was in what? it’s true, uff and he was just like and even now, look at how he will pick up. That is actually untrue, there are characters”

Here is the video link of tweet.

Here is the public reaction under the Tweet about Mahira Khan.

The original podcast link.


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