Mahira Khan’s Previous Comments About Bollywood Went Viral

The diva Mahira Khan is immensely loved in Pakistan and is all set to make her Bollywood Debut with Shah Rukh Khan starer Raees. An old interview clip of Mahira from ‘The Omer Sharif’ show has went viral on social media, as an Indian woman tweeted the clip with a hateful caption.

In the clip, Mahira in conversation with Omer Sharif said, “Aapko India se inspire nahi hona chahiye. Bilkul nahi. Hum Bollywood nahi hain (We should never be inspired from Indians. We are not Bollywood).” The clip, which was captured over five years ago, hasn’t gone down well with some on the Internet but there were many of those too who supported the diva. Mahira had said all this in the context of a larger conversation about supporting Pakistani talent. Unfortunately, the clip has gone viral and Twitteratti have expressed their views on this issue.

This is how Mahira responded to the false news doing rounds on the internet. Mahira Khan's Previous Comments About Bollywood Went Viral The clip which went viral was picked out of context and used to point fingers and take a dig at Mahira for “anti-India sentiments”. Here is the full interview which was captured 5 years ago. Rimsha Butt

Rimsha Butt