Maria Memon Got Married – People Mocked Her Like Nobody’s Business

The wedding season this time is filled with a lot of happenings, including the marriage of Urwa and Farhan, Yasra Rizvi and now popular tv anchor Maria Memon. While all these celebrities celebrated the union with their better-halves in their own style, Pakistani people couldn’t stop themselves from criticizing them.

There has been a lot of criticism on the previous’ weddings, and now Maria Memon is facing the brunt of mocking when her wedding pictures circulated online.

Maria Memon is currently working with ARY Network and has been in journalism for quite sometime now. She married CSS topper Umar Riaz yesterday only and social media buff’s mocked her like nobody’s business. Why is it so important for people to bash others, just because they want to. Since, these people believed that the guy is not as good looking as the girl, they decided to mock them and try to ruin their happiness.

The news of the wedding broke out, after one of Maria’s friend Fahad Hussain shared the pictures of the couple.

Instead of wishing or blessing the couple, these guys started to mock them.

Thankfully, there were some of those too who wished the couple and had something good to say.

Why are we being so judgmental? Where are we (as a nation) heading?

Rimsha Butt

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