Mathira Calls Out Nadir Ali’s Behaviour

Nadir Ali was a prankster and social media content creator who later on started hosting a podcast. He has a massive viewership and he has managed to take some really controversial interviews in his career as a host. He is blunt and sometimes asks inappropriate questions from his guests. Nadir Ali is known for the content he gives and many people who attended his show as a guest have criticized his style of questioning.

Mathira Calls Out Nadir Ali's Behaviour

Mathira was a guest on Elaichi Media’s show and she called ot Nadir Ali’s behaviour openly. Mathira is very blunt and she generally does not have a problem in answering difficult questions but she had a really bad experience with Nadir Ali and she once again said that Nadir has a problem with women.

Mathira Calls Out Nadir Ali's Behaviour

This was the line of questioning on that show:

Mathira pointed out that any woman who has been on Nadir’s show has been cornered by him and that is probably his mentality against women.

Mathira Calls Out Nadir Ali's Behaviour

Here is what Mathira had to say:

Pakeeza Dar