Mawra Hocane Just Told Off An Indian Who Asked Her “If She Feels Safe In Pakistan”

Many Pakistani actors have worked in Bollywood and one of them is Mawra Hocane who happens to be big fan of Indian film industry. However, the actress has been frequently criticized for not taking a stand against Indian hostility and aggression towards Pakistan.

Just today, she wished her fans on the big day and she was hit by something totally unexpected as an Indian girl asked her something unfortunate.

Apparently, the Indian girl has deleted her comment but after digging into the comments section we found out that the girl asked Mawra:

“Do you feel safe in Pakistan since it’s a terrorist country?”

To which Mawra replied


However, the girl was fast enough to reply:


It’s 23rd March, Pakistan Day today as like every year and Pakistani’s are celebrating the day in full swing. There are a few problems our country is facing. While nobody denies the existence of such problems, but India and Pakistan are already on bitter terms and people like this are doing nothing but creating more hate! We surely appreciate Mawra’s effort for speaking out.

Rimsha Butt