Maya Ali Show Stopper For Maria B – Pictures

PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week started with a big bang yesterday. All the best designers are expected to showcase their designs in this fashion week. The top models of the industry are enthusiastically taking part in the event. Maya Ali is the brand ambassador for Maria B, she was seen modeling for Maria B’s formal collection and she also posted updates from somewhere out of Pakistan where she was seen with Maria B and her family which would mean that she will be the one promoting Maria B’s lawn too.


On the first day of PFDC Maya Ali was the show stopper for Maria B. She was very excited to be the show stopper for someone who is not only a talented designer but someone she also loves. Maya Ali was very happy with everything about the show. She posted on her instagram page:



Here are some pictures from behind and on the stage from the first day which show how much Maya Ali and Maria B are enjoying working together.

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