Meera doing comedy telefilm

Meera is one of the most searched Pakistani personalities on internet. Her infamous spoken  English and her personality creates interesting news every time she makes an appearance.

The one role that we have not seen her is comedy and that is now happening. She is all set to try her hand at comedy in a telefilm which is rumoured to come on air in Eid.

IMG 0692

This telefilm also has Naheed Shabbir and Ushna Shah. Naheed Shabbir and Meera are playing sisters in it.

We are very excited to see the fiesty Meera in a comic role on this Hum Tv production. After her charachter Naseem last year in Main Sitara against Saba Qamar and Mikaal Zulfiqar, now looking forward to see Meera in this new avatar.

IMG 0691

Mehwish Mansoor