Meera Jee Claims She Is Just 32 Years Old!

It’s true that in today’s day and age, women become very sensitive when it comes to discussing their ‘age’. However, Meera’s case of her changing statements about her age is a total mystery!

Meera’s age has always been a complicated matter and she is usually seen clarifying the speculations. This time around the lady claimed that Google (which shows that her age is 40) is wrong and she’s way younger than 40!

According to, the Lollywood veteran says that her real date of birth is 14th May 1985. This makes her age 32 years old. She also added that she will be spending her 32nd birthday with kids at an orphanage.

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As far as I know, Meera has been associated with the entertainment field for a good 20 years, however, according to her, she is still 32 years old!

Rimsha Butt