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Meera Jee Seen With Her Better Half At Masala Awards!

Meera Jee has always been a controversial personality and her personal life is nothing short than a drama. In the mid of the year 2017, she announced that she was getting married to some mysterious person and didn’t reveal the name kyunki nazar lagg jaati hai, the wedding was to take place in August. Later it was revealed that the mystery man is Captain Naveed and their Nikkah has taken place for quite sometime before and the said event was going to be a rukhsati. The marriage fire went down gradually and we didn’t see any ceremony on the informed time. Now Meera Jee was seen with her better half Captain Naveed at the Masala Awards in Dubai:

So the couple is already moving about together. But when will Meera’s fans see her as a beautiful bride? This is indeed a mystery!

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