Mehreen Syed Slips On The Ramp

We all see models walking on the ramps in their high heels with confidence and poise. Many may mistake it to be an easier task but carrying heavily designed outfits on slippery ramps is a task. Many people who showstop or are not really from the business get slipped while they walk. This has happened to major celebrities too. Reema Jee once slipped on the ramp as her heel broke mid-walk. Saba Qamar also slipped once while walking for a designer but handled it with a lot of confidence and grace. Handling such incidences with style and grace is the real key to a good ramp walk.

The ramp queen, supermodel Mehreen Syed just walked for s designer during the on-going FPFW18. She lost balance and slipped on the ramp. She, however, showed why she is a supermodel as she handled the incident with full confidence. She got up gracefully and completed her walk. Mehreen is also pregnant right now with her second child and the diva is still ruling the ramps like a queen. Here is how Mehreen handled the fall:


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Pakeeza Dar