Mehwish Hayat Is Representing Pakistan So Well Internationally

Ahsan Khan has said that our girls are speaking up against Indians on International forums which is so good. He said Mehwish Hayat has been representing Pakistan Internationally so well, He said our people demands our celebrities to speak up against propagandas like Priyanka did and on the other hand they do not support the girls. He said either you support the girls completely or stop expecting too much from them as they know all the pressures they face through being in lime light.
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They know they have to be vocal and have to represent Pakistan.He said our girls need to be standing in same league of defending motherland on international forums and for that we have to be their support.
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Also he said that now in every drama there should be something about India in it we should show their reality so that it becomes a part and parcel of the content because our dramas are having huge following and world should know what India is doing It has been an issue nowadays after that Priyanka Chopra episode, it has made our actors so vocal about our identity and dignity and we love when they talk of giving be fitting replies to India and tell the world about Indians.

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  • Not a wise thing to say mr Ahsan. Aik kahawat hai k dushman ko moral lesson dainay ka sab say achha tarika apni olad ko adab sikhana hai. Na k troll karna sikhana.

  • This shows how pathetic you are, and your thinking is, finally education did nothing, this shows no matter what you people can never go beyond politics of religion.. Shame on you.

  • There are many artist of Pakistan have represented Pakistan on many forum,in fact there are British Pakistani and American Pakistani, immigrants and second generation artist and directers and writers and musicians that talks positively about Pakistan! However ,pak media never high lights these high achieving Pakistani over seas! Why?

  • I think instead of calling him
    Pathetic we should think that how confused we are.. on one hand we expect them to be vocal against India e.g. Mawra, mahira, faced backlash when they were all owe about India… we should rethink what we are actually up to.

  • As a pakistani we should support Mehwish hiyyat. She is doing very well. I dont know why we all are so divided. We always said India is doing wrong india is presenting our wrong image someone needs to do something. Our actress are those someone and we should stand with them. They only need our support and we all are with out. Our lioness

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