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Memes of Pyarai Afzal..

I always enjoy going through memes and Pyarai Afzal ,being the most watched and most loved show of the current lot, stood out with some real fun memes. Unlike Aasmanoun pay lekha, this time they didnot come up with Memes  as a part of marketing strategy. Infact, all of the memes that I came across are fans made.

When Pyarai Afzal started, everyone was acting like crazy and getting mad for this show.

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Soon, Mehtaab Chawla made his entry and everyone welcomed him open heartedly but not as much as they welcomed our Pyarai “Afzal”.


Then came Ajmal and Afzal together :D



After being rejected by Farah , Afzal left Karachi and fought for Yasmeen ..





Bilques Kenchi bhi peechay nahi rahin.. :)

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3 girls .. aik bechaara Afzal .. like seriously.. :P



When Babu Hameed passed away


And then our very own “Pyarai Afzal” got transformed into “Afzal Bhaie”

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Currently, I am feeling like the same.. :P


To all doctors in this show.. :D


Do share if you have any memes of this show. I would love to go through them.

Stay Blessed,
Rabia Basharat.