Memories of those who passed away in PIA flight 8303 crash

PK 8303 the ill-fated flight took off from Lahore around 12.30 pm on 22nd May bound for Karachi. According to one of the survivors the entire flight went smoothly and the captain announced how they were about to land. But something happened when the plane touched the runway at Karachi Airport. The plane took off again and circled around and then finally crashed.

The crash proved to be fatal killing around 86 people of the 99 onboard. 5 people survived but the 86 lives lost can never be redeemed.
People who fell victim to the crash were flying back home to their loved ones to celebrate Eid. It was the last Friday of Ramadan, Eid ul Fitr just two days away. Homes that were preparing to welcome their guests are now preparing for the final rights of their loved ones. Together they’ll offer their funeral prayers, Eid prayers forgotten for the families who have lost their loved ones.

It breaks our hearts into a million pieces to share stories of people who lost their lives in the unfortunate crash but all these people will live on in the memories of their loved ones. Here are a few stories that these beautiful pictures speak of.




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