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Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Miley: Last Episode Review

MDKJZM started off extremely well and had a lot going for it till about the 13th episode, after that gradually the play lost its focus and the well-etched out and extremely loveable characters seemed to be the only reason for me to continue watching this play. I have to admit that there were times when I completely wanted to give up on this play but I could not help being a very loyal viewer because somehow I felt like I owed it to Amina, Urooj, Arifa and Junaid in particular. I always liked Zakiya’s character too but since Bushra Ansari is also the writer of the play and the one responsible for all the unexpected but quite often not needed twist and turns too , I could not help but hold her responsible for disappointing her viewers. The direction and acting stayed top notch through out the serial and like I stated earlier the characters were very likeable.

There are many dramas that we stop following after a few episodes because they seem repetitive and boring but catch up with them in the last few episodes because these are the episodes that are truly rewarding and the end very satisfying; which sort of makes up for all the disappointments in the past. MDKJZM is one of those rare plays which I would have actually remembered with fond memories had I stopped watching it in the middle! Today’s episode was extremely disappointing to say the least and I was wondering if this really was the end!

The only good thing about the story today was that Arifa finally mustered up the courage to encounter Salaar and saved her sister’s life. But I cannot help but question the way this encounter happened. They could have met in an office or a shop or on the roadside…why did Salaar have to be the guy who Arifa’s sister was going to marry. Aminah and Urooj were separated for no reason, there were regrets, remorse and hurt on both sides. And most importantly the insensitivity shown towards Urooj’s disability was highly irrational. Urooj was referred to as “zinda lash” “Bebas” “nakara” and Zakiya even told Salaar that Aminah did not know how it felt like to live with a “Normal and healthy” person. Later when Zakiya asks Aminah to come stay with them she says, “Urooj ko tu adaat hai mehrumiyu ke saath jeenay ki”. Did the writer not realize that there maybe special people who might be watching this show or many of us maybe related to such people? A person who is deaf and mute is not normal? Well, unfortunately that is exactly what we were shown that a special person does not have the right to lead a normal life. I can’t believe that this is the same drama which made us fall in love with it because we thought it was portraying a special person in a new light. The viewers never sympathized with Urooj’s character we fell in love with it. Urooj was sensitive and adorable and I fail to understand why he lost his charm all of a sudden.

The end was extremely unsatisfactory and I failed to draw any good lessons from it, which is very sad given that MDKJZM started off as a play with a lot of good lessons. I must give credit to Adnan Ahmed for doing a great job with directing this play, all the actors did a brilliant job but the storyline failed to impress. MDKJZM was a drama with tons of potential, too bad all of it went to waste.


Fatima Awan.

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