Mikaal Zulfiqar Is Over The Moon To Star In 5 Films This Year

Mikaal Zulfiqar is surely the envy of every newcomer in media. He started his career with a music video and since then has been no looking back, from staring in highly successful dramas to signing movies back to back, he’s achieving it all. He is definitely one of the best actors we have.

He’s now all set to be seen in 5 movies this year. Despite of reporting the names of the film earlier, let’s list them down for all of you again.
1) Na Baja Na Barati
2) The Trial
3) Ae Dil Meray Chal Ray
4) Qaid
5) Cake

With five movies from different genres, Mikaal is all set to built an even more solid career the can stand strongly behind. HIP got in touch with Mikaal just to know what we should be expecting from him and his five different movies in line and here is what he has to say:

HIP: Are you excited about the Five movies in the pipeline?
Mikaal Zulfiqar: Excited is an understatement. I don’t even have time to think at the moment. But yes, of course, I’m over the moon about all these amazing projects.

HIP: What reaction are you expecting from the audience?
MZ: Well, I’m hoping the audience is going to really enjoy the variety coming from my end. Every film is individual and amazing in its own way. And I always give my 200% to everything I do, so I am definitely expecting a positive outcome.

HIP: Which one of the five movies is the closest to your heart?
MZ: The first two are closest to my heart as they are the ones that are almost complete and will be releasing soon. Na Baja Na Barati is a family comedy and the second which is tentatively titled The Trial is an action romantic thriller.

HIP: Which movie do you think will showcase your true potential?
MZ: I hope to do justice to all the characters I play. I have done all of them with heart and soul. All are distinct in their own nature, Na Baja Na Barati is a family comedy, The Trial is an action thriller, Ae Dil Mere Chal Ray is a romantic comedy and Qaid is a suspense thriller, there’s so much variety.

We are all in for a good dose of Mikaal in the year 2017.

Rimsha Butt