Minal Khan with Her Mother in Ramzan Transmission 2019

We have got to watch so many stars this Ramadan season hosting different Ramadan transmissions as well as attending as guests. We are watching A-listers like Imran Abbas and Ahsan Khan hosting the shows while many stars like Hira Mani and Ayeza Khan have appeared as the guests o these shows.

The latest star we saw at the Ramadan transmission was Minal Khan who came alongside her mother. Minal Khan is an artist who has made a name for herself as well a huge fan following in a very short period of time. She has improved her craft from a child artist to a leading lady and many people follow her. t was great to watch her with her mom as both were clad in beautiful muted pastels and were a treat together. Here are some pictures from the show:

minal khan 1

minal khan 2

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minal khan 3

minal khan 4

minal khan 5

minal khan 6

minal khan 7

minal khan 8

minal khan 9

minal khan 10

minal khan 11

minal khan 12

minal khan 13

minal khan 14

minal khan 15

minal khan 16

minal khan 17

minal khan 19

minal khan 20

minal khan 21

minal khan 22

minal khan 23


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