Mohsin Abbas Haider’s New Movie Trailer Is Out

Generally Ramzan is the time of the year when there are trailers and teasers of new movies that are going to be release on Eid. As Eid is considered to be a high time to release movies, so almostly all the big production houses reserves their mega projects and release them on Eid as the profit margin is way more during Eid days.

Mohsin Abbas Haider's New Movie Trailer Is Out

But this time of the year scenario is different. All the cinema houses are sealed which means no movies are going to be released on this Eid because till now there are no chances that corona will be eradicated till Eid.

Under these crucial circumstances a trailer of movie came out and gave us all a pleasing surprise.

Mohsin Abbas Haider's New Movie Trailer Is Out


The name of the movies is “Once Upon A Time In Karachi” and it stars Nausheen Shah and Moshin Abbas Haider in its lead cast.

Mohsin Abbas Haider's New Movie Trailer Is Out

From the trailer we concluded that it is a romantic thriller action movie with a whisk of comedy. Let’s have a look at the trailor


It is for the first time after the divorce that Mohsin Abbas is making an appearance in any drama or movie. Some actors claimed after the accusations that his acting career is over now but he is back with a movie. What are your take on it? Would this movie be a hit or a flop? Share your views in comments section!

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