Momina Mustehsan Talks About Engagement & Lux Style Awards

Momina Mustehsan is a name that seems to be in the limelight all the time. She made her debut in Coke Studio season 9 and has developed a huge fan following in a short span of time. Whether it’s about her voice, beauty or personal life, she’s always in the news.

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Last year, Momina got engaged to her former fiancee, the U.S.A banker Ali Naqvi, but the engagement broke recently, which created a buzz on social media. Speaking to Instep, Momina opened up about her engagement and social media attention and here are a few interesting bits of the conversation.

The hoopla surrounding her personal life has finally settled down but she manages to stay in the news and often it’s not for the right reasons.

“I am glad it settled down because I freaked out; anyone would! What it became was never my purpose. While working at Coke Studio, I had no idea how huge it would end up being. Suddenly, there’s so much pressure; there was a lot of emphases put on how I look,”
Mustehsan said.

“After the insanity settled down, people out of boredom probably started creating one thing or the other to start new gossip. It’s not that easy to ignore it and at times, can get exhausting to deal with.”

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When asked about Coke Studio and what motivated her, Mustehsan clearly stated: “I didn’t do Coke Studio to prove myself or become a professional musician – I make music for myself. I enjoy singing and that’s exactly what I did. In fact, ‘Afreen’ is a track that I wasn’t even supposed to do. The response I got from it was truly unprecedented. For anyone to reach that level again, including me is near to impossible.”

Speaking about her engagement, Momina shared that the undue attention did affect her off-duty. “I do want to distance myself, because no matter how hard you try – it does leave an impact on you. Being a part of Coke Studio is very prestigious but that doesn’t mean I’ve taken it up full time. I sing only when I want to, it’s still more or less a passion and not a profession.”

“Sometimes, I feel like deactivating all my social media handles and live in peace for a while, but even then I won’t be able to, there will be people who’ll assume I’m undergoing depression or something,”
she jokingly added.

The afreen afreen singer did not get nominated for the Lux Style Awards 2017, and here’s what she has to say about it, “It’s okay if I or neither of my songs got nominated. Being acknowledged by the masses and having them extend their love and support is enough for me to keep giving my best”

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