My Family Was Angry When Danish’s Rishta Came, Ayeza Khan Shared

Ayeza Khan is one of the most famous names of the Pakistani industry. She is married to a famous actor, Danish Taimoor. The couple shares a good bonding and they did love marriage.

My Family Was Angry When Danish's Rishta Came, Ayeza Khan SharedAyeza recently appeared in a morning show where she talked about what happened when Danish’s rishat came and shared:

“When Danish’s family asked for my hand, my whole family was angry with my mother because they wanted me to get married in family. But my mother liked Danish. Danish came to my mother for my rishta and when we met again (after the fight) it was all due to my mother and father’s effort.”

My Family Was Angry When Danish's Rishta Came, Ayeza Khan SharedOn asking upon why did Ayeza and Danish fought, she replied, “To get into relationship you need to be mature. We were very young when we got into a relationship and fought over meager things.”

My Family Was Angry When Danish's Rishta Came, Ayeza Khan SharedShe continued and said, “We got nto relationship when I was getting into my intermediate and Danish just started her career.”

Here’s her complete interview:


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