“My lips are my own since my birth, no Botox or fillers,” said Zhalay Sarhadi

Artists and their craze for cosmetic surgery is nothing infamous, we’ve seen many celebrities getting these done to look younger and better. The most common of all are spouts, fillers and Botox, many celebrities are transforming every now and then but there are some of those too who prefer to stay original. Zhalay Sarhadi, the girl with a beautiful face and an amazing physique was the latest one to be labeled with cosmetic surgery

She was sick of getting comments from people and decided to pour her heart out to clear the air. In the Facebook post, she wrote:

“To whomever it may concern. My lips are my own since my birth, no Botox or fillers! Please stop messaging me and bombarding me with hate messages just because I can change myself with makeup!”

“Trust me love my self at the moment and in future if i feel like I need extreme help, I am not adverse tot he idea! Till then diet, exercise and awesome makeup skills are my besties! Cheers,” she added further.


Rimsha Butt