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Na Maloom Afraad’s Romantic Song’s Teaser Is Out

Na Maloom Afraad has to be one of the most awaited films of this year. The teasers of the film show the amazing chemistry between the actors, the theme of the film looks interesting and now the teaser of the latest song evidently shows that it will have a romantic element too. Until now Mehwish Hayat’s item number in the film has been the talk of the town but the latest song shows that there will be some good songs in the film also. Urwa is playing the leading role in the film along with Fahad Mustafa. This is going to be Fahad Mustafa’s first film which the viewers will be seeing on the big screen. Urwa was asked in an interview if she was feeling awkward because Mehwish Hayat until now had been getting much more attention than her but she said that she did not feel that way because she had a substantial role in the film.

Here is the teaser of the latest song “Darbadar”: