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Nadia Khan Shares What Upsets Her And Makes Her Cry

Nadia Khan is always very vocal about everything which is also one of the reasons why people liked her as a host and now enjoy watching her as a guest in different shows. Nadia Khan was invited as a guest in Jago Pakistan Jago and most of her conversation with the host Sanam Jung was about her children.

Nadia Khan with her children.

Nadia Khan shared that her children were the most important part of her life. She also said that she had worked hard to raise her children which is why she did not want to see them letting her down. Nadia Khan has two children, a son and a daughter. Her daughter’s name is Alizeh and her son’s name is Azaan. She shared that her daughter is a teenager now so dealing with her is especially difficult sometimes but at the same time she is thankful that Alizeh does not give her as much of a hard time as some other teenagers she knows.

Nadia Khan with her daughter Alizeh.

Nadia Khan shared that she does not believe in shouting at kids or hitting them which is why for her parenting is more challenging. She said that whenever her children give her a tough time her response most often is that she starts crying perhaps because she feels utterly helpless. Nadia also said that she used to be really impatient before but she has changed a lot in the past few years.