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National Assembly demanded a ban on Pakistan idol and other “inappropriate programs”

National Assembly passed a resolution on 1st April 2014 (the day associated with April fool), demanding a ban on “programs aired on private channels due to which there is a chance of negative impacts on younger  generation”

The session of National Assembly was headed by deputy speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi.

Sahibzada Tariqullah, Sher Akbar Khan, Sahibzada Muhammad Yaqoob and Ayesha Syed moved a resolution. The resolution demanded a ban on programs like Pakistan Idol and other similar programs; which are aired on private channels and are causing negative impacts on the moral values of younger generation.

The initiator of the resolution, Sahibzada Tariqullah demanded an immediate ban on all such programs claiming there are more than 100 private channels in Pakistan and almost every other program of these channels is nothing but vulgarity and nakedness. For twenty four hours these channels air programs comprising of dance/music which are leaving a negative impact on the society.

Federal Minister from ruling party PML-N, Aftab Sheikh added that there are several programs which cannot be watched with family. He said he is not in favor of government imposing a ban on all such programs, being of the view that channels should improve themselves and ban such inappropriate programs.

However member of opposition Shagufta Jumani strongly opposed the resolution saying whatever is being shown on TV including Pakistani Idol is just only for entertainment purpose.

She further added that Pakistan is facing several issues and every person is affected with issues like poverty, terrorism, and lawlessness. In such conditions it is a positive sign that there opportunities for youngsters to show their talent and it all adds toward a soft image of Pakistan. As per Shaguffta Jumani, we shouldn’t think too conservatively to ban Pakistan Idol.

Independent member Jamshaid Dasti demanded that PEMRA should ban many television programs. He further added that the entire Pakistani channels have crossed all the limits. As per his point of view, there are 61 channels that air programs praising government. Due to which government has been a silent observer, and channels are free to broadcast programs of their choice without any fear of PEMRA.


Rashid Nazir Ali