Nauman Ijaz With His Family – Pictures

Nauman Ijaz’s acting skills are remarkable. He has been associated with the drama industry for a very long time and in this time he has given some superb performances because of which he has a massive fan following. Nauman Ijaz is one of those actors who do not give a lot of interview. Even in this day and age when every other actor will do anything to promote his dramas and celebrities are seen on every other Morning Show Nauman Ijaz is hardly seen in these or any talk shows at all. Nauman Ijaz also keeps his wife away from limelight unlike many other actors whose wives are seen in public supporting them all the time. There are times when Nauman Ijaz’s pictures with his family are seen on the internet usually when they attend wedding functions we see these pictures.

Nauman Ijaz disappeared from dramas when he took up hosting of Mazaq Raat but the viewers are getting to see him in dramas again now that he has left hosting. In a recent interview Nauman Ijaz said that he studied to be a lawyer but due to financial pressure he had to venture into the showbiz industry. He said,

“Luckily I got the opportunities and I availed them so I left law. I always wanted to be a newscaster then. When there used to be only one channel PTV then the 9pm newscaster was the hero, people believed everything that person said. But when I went for an audition, I was rejected for the post of a newscaster.”

Nauman Ijaz also confessed that he had a crush on Samina Peerzada the first time he saw her in reality. He said that when he had to get married, he was not accepted by his in laws because he was an actor. He worked for a few months only so he would get the proposal. He said,

“I have 3 beautiful kids, God is very kind. I always had a lot of faith in Allah. I liked Rabia (my wife) the first time I saw her in Kinnaird College, she was very simple and when I got to know her better I realized she was wife material.”

Here are some beautiful pictures of Nauman Ijaz with his wife and children from different years, some recent and some old.

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