Nida Yasir Gets Jealous From Other Female Actresses

Bol Night with Ahsan Khan at Bol TV has become the most trending talk show these days. People love to see how Ahsan Khan entertain the guests and audience at the same time. Many couples have appeared as guests where they talk about their personal experiences and memorable moments. They play different segments to check their bonding and understanding. 

Nida 6

Recently, Nida and Yasir Nawaz were invited to the show. They made the episode so interesting with their answers. They even played ’Guess the song’ game to check whether they can understand each other without saying a word.


Ahsan Khan asked Nida Yasir have you ever told Yasir not to work with a specific actress? Nida said Yes because she is a wife, she gets jealous when an actress works for more than one a project with Yasir. 

Nida Yasir 2

Nida Yasir further added that every wife feels jealous of other girls, you can’t share your husband with anyone else and you can’t even tolerate other girls to spend more time with your husband. But the best part is, Nida never made obvious in front of that girl that she is jealous of her. 

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